Vör is an open source tool that offers a new kind of smart office experience by creating seamless connections between people within an office space. It provides relevant information about your surroundings - who is near you, temperature, workspace availability. Vör knows all this and much more.


Vör allows people to communicate with each other and the office itself.


Up-to-date information can be broadcast to listeners by a flick of a switch or a press of a button.


What happens in Vör stays in Vör. Your privacy is the highest priority.


Does it work?

Beacons in conjunction with buttons, cameras and air quality sensors - communicate with employees’ phones over your office WIFI. 3D print the parts that suit you or add your own. Everything, including the hardware designs, is open source.

As information about your surroundings becomes available or changes, Vör's application displays it to users. Information that has been broadcast, such as food becoming available or someone making a killer pool shot and sharing it with others, is displayed in the app as a message card.

Some information, like the location of your colleagues or the availability of office resources (e.g. restrooms), is conveniently displayed on the office map. A heatmap overlay can be used to show which areas are particularly warm or cold, noisy or quiet... Vör provides you with real-time situation awareness about the overall conditions in your office.

Who we are

Paul Houghton

Director, Wizardry and Development


Luís Ramalho

Android Engineer


Liva Kallite

Service, UX Designer

Ville Tainio

Software Developer


Kenta Kusumoto

Software Developer